Kemadruma Yoga Remedies

What is Kemadruma Yoga?

Kemadruma yoga is considered as the most important yoga in the Astrology. The Kemadruma Yoga is formed when the planets do not exist on both the sides of the Moon.
Kemadruma Yoga is not an auspicious yoga as declared and advised by the expert Astrologers. A person having this Yoga in his life will never result into something positive. It will always bring negative and inauspicious results as believed and suggested by the Astrologers from the past centuries but it will provide the person the power and approach to put right foot forward in life. Extreme struggle will someday result into the excellence and success.

How is Kemadruma Dosh Formed in Kundli?

Do you have Kemadruma Yoga in your Kundli? Find out how it is caused and what are its effects?

Kemadrum Dosh is formed in the Kundli of the person when both the positions are vacant on the sides of the Moon or when it is not associated with some auspicious planet.
A person having this dosh in the Kundli will have to face struggle and poverty in his life. He will every time have to face difficult situations and will have to put an extra effort to make it right and excellent. Due to this yoga a person can never cherish his wedding life beautifully and peacefully. He will have to face the conflicts and grudges all the time in his life which will make him strong in life.

Results and Effects of Kemadruma Dosh

In the past centuries, Astrologers were just making aware of the negative aspects of this yoga. The Kemadruma Yoga has both auspicious and inauspicious effect as believed by the astrologers in Modern times.

A person born in this yoga will have to face tough situations. He will be suffering from the difficult times in his profession and will end up unsatisfied with his life. It is definitely true that one has to face tough situations but not every time in his life. He will achieve success and prosperity if he really works hard to achieve his goals.

Do you know how the Kemadruma dosh can be destructed?

Kemadruma Dosh can be completely removed from the Kundli. It can be destroyed only in the presence of the Moon at the Center. Due to this destruction all the inauspicious and ill effects will be destroyed and removed forever from the Kundli of the person. The conditions which are prevailing in the Kundli giving rise to such yoga also get destroyed.

Remedies/ Mantras for Kemadruma Yoga

What are the remedies that can reduce the ill effects of the Dosh?

There are large numbers of remedies suggested and believed by the Expert Astrologers which surely decrease the ill effects caused by the Kemadruma Yoga in the Kundli of a person. Some of the remedies and mantras are as follows:

  • To decrease the ill effects, make sure that you fast on the auspicious day of Purnima for the period of four consecutive years. Make sure that you start fasting on every Monday keeping in mind that the first Monday should hold in chitra Nakashtra.
  • Visit the temple very Monday and worship the Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. This will definitely decrease the ill effects and even makes you the person with strong deamor. Recite the auspicious mantra of the Lord Shiva by using the Rudraaksh Mala.
  • Keep a Dakshanvarti shell in your house for the better life prospects.
  • The most important and effective remedy is to have a silver piece with you all the time.

These are some of the remedies which should be kept in mind if you are having Kemadruma Dosh in your Kundli to reduce its ill effects.

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Consult our Astrologer Jyotish Shastri Shri Satya Narayan for the pujas which should be done so as to decrease the ill effects of the dosh.

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