What Are The Remedies Of Mangal Dosha

Is something is delaying your marriage? Are you facing tough times due to the delay in your marriage?

Manglik dosh is also known by the name of Kuja Dosh. This dosh occurs in the Kundli by the most important Planet Mars which is also called as Mangal. Mars is often considered as the most important planet according to the Astrology and it plays a very vital role in the martial compatibility of an individual. This dosh affects the men and women equally thereby leaving a bad impact on them.

How it is formed in your Kundli?

Mangal dosh is formed due to the planet Mars. It is often formed in the Kundli when the mars has been placed in the first, second, fourth, seventh, eighth and twelve house in the horoscope chart. This dosh badly affects the life of an individual and makes it difficult to figure out his/her wedding without any obstacles.

The main reason of its formation in the Kundli is its placement in the houses according to the horoscope chart. The mars are considered as the most harmful planet in concerned with the marriages. When the Mars is placed in the wrong house, then the condition of the Manglik dosh prevails in the Kundli of the person.

Effects of the Manglik dosh

The most affected area of the Manglik dosh is on the marriages of the individual. It causes delay in the marriages thereby leaving a bad impact on the person as well as the family. The delays in marriage can result in the very worst effect on the lives of the individual. If the Manglik person marries non-Manglik person, the situation gets more worsened. It results in even death of the spouse or he can even get paralyzed.

The dosh even results in the separation of the two individuals and even divorced. The person has to face huge financial losses as well as trouble in the professional life due to this dosh in the horoscope.

Remedies to cure the effect caused by the Mangal Dosh

If you are having a Manglik dosh in your Kundli, then don’t worry about its various ill effects. We provide you the various remedies, mantras and pujas that will neutralize the effect of the Mangal Dosh in the Kundli.

Some of them are:

  • The most effective remedy which nullifies the effect of the Mangal dosh is the marriage between the two Manglik individuals. This will reduce and cancel all the negative impacts caused by the Mangal dosh and make their life happy and successful.
  • Pray Lord Hanuman and try to recite the Hanuman Chalisa daily for the blessings.
  • The most important Mantra that has to be done every day by the individual having this dosh is gaytri mantra that has to be recited continuously for 108 times.
  • The individuals for reducing the effect will have to fast on Tuesdays and should only eat toor dal.
  • The Manglik individuals should chant the Navgraha Mantra for the peace and harmony in the married life of both the persons.
  • To nullify the effect of the Manglik dosh wear a red coral in golden ring in the right hand middle finger to make you and your marriage protected.
  • Try to help poor and needy people on Tuesdays by offering them the necessary things such as knives, red silks, white breads, red lentils etc.
  • Performing Navgrah Pujas is considered as the most effective remedy to decrease the effect of the Manglik dosh. Before doing pujas, consult an expert Astrologer specialized in the field to provide you the right guidance and solution in this regard.


These are some of the remedies and mantras which have been suggested by our expert Astrologers to overcome Mangal Dosh and thereafter one can lead a happy and peaceful life.

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