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Shani Sade Sati Effects And Remedies

Is Shani Dev troubling you? Do you want to know what are its effects and remedies which will decrease the ill effects of Shani?

What is Shani Sade Sati?

Sade Sati has made by combining two most dreadful words i.e. Sade means “half” and Sati means “Seven”. Sade Sati is considered as the most crucial phase in one’s life. Saturn is the most notorious planets among all the planets present in the Solar System. Sade sati means that the Saturn for the period of 7½ years will enter into the Zodiac sign as per the Moon rashi of the individual. Saturn transits in all the planets existing in this Universe and takes 30 long years to transverse in all the 12 rashi.

Effects of Sade Sati on the life of the individual

During the transit of 7½ years of Saturn in the Moon sign one has to face real difficult situations and tough times. Persons under the effect of Sade sati will be incurring huge losses financially. The tough times often results into the sudden non-preventable disease, unpredictable failure in all aspects of life, disturbed personal life, tensions and stress prevails even in small situations.
Sade Sati Dosh is even responsible for obstacles, doubts, disputes, conflicts and legal issues happening in one’s life. It even hampers the growth of the individual and creates an ambiance full of negative vibes which will let him too loose the confidence on him.

If you are troubling with all these situations and Sade Sati Dosh is making your life worsened. Get consult from our expert Astrologer immediately, he will definitely provide you necessary help and upay.

Remedies that will reduce the effect of Sade Sati

There are large numbers of remedies which have been believed by our expert astrologers and are sure that these remedies really work out.
Here are some of the remedies and mantras suggested by our experienced Astrologers:

  • Pray Lord Hanuman Daily. Recite Hanuman Chalisa on regularly basis.
  • Try to read Sunder Kand on regularly basis to decrease its effects.
  • Feed fishes lentils.
  • Donate the things which are precious to Saturn on Saturday. The things should be donated till 7 Saturday’s.
  • The most effective remedy is to Chant Mahamritunayam Mantra daily 108 times or even more depends upon person to person.
  • Ring made up of Horse-shoe should be wore on the middle finger of your hand.
  • Feed the Black dogs with the food regularly.
  • Recite Shani Chalisa even for best results.
  • Try to avoid Non-vegetarian food so as to make Shani Dev happy so that all the ill effects caused by the Sade Sati get reduced.
  • Person having this Dosh in his Kundli should always keep silver square piece in his pocket for the protection.
  • Donate Coconuts and peanuts in the temples.
  • Give food to the poor people so that they can provide you the good and meaningful blessings for your good life.

These are some of the remedies which have been advised by our team of expert Astrologers to make you aware all the remedies, mantras and pujas one can do to make Shani Dev happy.
If you are looking for any advice and required any help from us regarding the remedies suggested by us, Consult us today and you will definitely feel the difference once you come in contact with us.